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    Sighthound ezine. A new concept in publishing

    Welcome News exists to support good causes that are close to our hearts. To promote charities and share their stories. To take the best of what is being achieved and shout about it. We work with businesses and charities, providing a light read with serious aims. We are a new concept in publishing and philanthropy. Join us.


Celebrating the great work being achieved by businesses and supporters raising money, awareness and hope for the future.

Welcome News was set-up to create opportunities to bring together the best and most relevant news from charities and not-for-profits working within various fields close to our hearts. We celebrate the great work being achieved by businesses and supporters who are raising money, awareness and hope for the future on behalf of these worthy causes.

Welcome News is a free digital publication aimed directly at customers, supporters, positive influencers and donors of all of the charities and organisations relevant to each cause. Our publications are circulated through numerous mailing lists and multiple social media streams providing potentially huge audiences.

Welcome News is essentially a vehicle for your organisation to take advantage of – to push your messages out to a wider audience for FREE.

If you would like to contribute, have an idea for an article or would simply like to get to know us better then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

How we can help your charity:
By utilising our free publication, you will be able to:

  • Cut down on your admin costs, freeing up staff and volunteer time
  • Possess a no-cost solution to strengthen your message and appeals to supporters, clients and customers
  • Add an extra-strong communications string to your bow while you fundraise, promote your events and raise your profile

Through Welcome News you’ll be updated quickly on what others in the field and related businesses are doing, which will open up opportunities to forge partnerships and spread your message even further. Your news, stories and events could be reaching well over 500,000 people via the reach of our social media channels.


We are always interested in hearing your ideas - for articles, features or new magazine subjects

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Who we are

Welcome News is run by Patricia Brown and Steve Dunhill, two marketing professionals with a wealth of experience working within the voluntary and not-for-profit sector, who are passionate about the issues Welcome News covers.

Patricia Brown

Patricia Brown has worked in the not for profit sector for over 10 years. Graduating in 2010 as a professional marketer, she has specialist experience in developing and expanding offline and digital communications for charities, as both a paid staff member and volunteer. Patricia supports numerous animal welfare and wildlife charities - and is lucky enough to ‘share’ her sofa with a very spoilt and much loved greyhound.

Stephen Dunhill

Stephen is responsible for the design and layout of Welcome News publications and also looks after our website. He has worked in various design and communications roles for the past decade and is committed to providing design services to those less-represented in society. Stephen spends most of his time in front of his mac, but if he's not there you'll probably find him on one of his local beaches surfing.