Josh Robenstone – Photographing Beautiful Greyhounds

Photographing the beauty of greyhounds

We are committed to promoting and working with some great photographers. Behind the sometimes amazing, moving and comical images of greyhounds, whippets, lurchers and other sighthound breeds are some fascinating and committed people. And they are not just based in the UK. We will be featuring Josh Robenstone who is located in Melbourne, in our late Winter edition of Sighthound, along with the story of his involvement in celebrating both the beauty of greyhounds and documenting the genuine love within their new owners they inevitably generate.

Josh Robenstone Every Greyhound Has A Story series

From the Josh Robenstone series ‘Every Greyhound Has A Story’

The series portrays the journey from the track to all sorts of new homes. Although Josh’s commission came from a Victoria track, the aim was to raise the profile of the charity GAP (Greyhound Adoption Programme) in New South Wales. From hospitals to prisons and under-priviledged homes, greyhounds are teaching society how amazing they are, and how they can assist to provide a therapeutic connection to animals and nature.

You can read more about GAP here