Dylan wins PDSA Pet Survivor Award!

Dylan is newly crowned PDSA Pet Survivor of the Year.

Could it be only a few months ago Sighthound ezine featured him and his friend Ben after they were found on a lonely road in South Wales?
Read the original article in Sighthound Issue #1

Read the original article in Sighthound Issue #1He has been through a lot – but now he is receiving plaudits and awards for being a true survivor, something he shares with the many hounds in the UK and Ireland who have been, through no fault of their own, abandoned like unwanted rubbish.

Sighthound ezine covered Dylan’s story back in October and helped to raise awareness of his plight and that of the many rescues involved in transforming both Dylan and Ben back to health, and help them start their lives over again.

We joined forces with the rehoming charity Hounds First, his foster mum Abby and Dylan’s owner Jamie, plus the legions of Facebook fans dedicated to winning him the vote.

Dylan has now appeared on BBC Breakfast and been featured in the Express. We are so pleased for him and for Hounds First, the rescue that saved them both, along with Croft Rescue Kennels and supported by Kim’s Home for Elderly and Abused Dogs.

In our next issue we recap on all that has happened to Dylan since his lucky rescue from starvation and loneliness.

Sadly, rescues at this time of year – and in particular this year – are full to bursting. There is literally no room at the inn which is hearbreaking for many rescues and their supporters. We feel it’s an unacceptable situation.

So please – consider fostering or rehoming a beautiful sighthound, they are the best of dogs and consider one, or two – or more! They will surely be your friend forever after receiving the best gift you could possibly give – the gift of life.

Dylan is truly living proof of that.

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