Win a hamper! Kevin the Whippet’s Furry Jingle Balls Foto Booth Challenge


Entering is simple!

  1. Donate £1 on Kevin’s Justgiving page page
    In the Justgiving ‘Donation’ window enter the sum of £1, the money goes to the Stroke Association which is very close to Kevin’s heart.

    In the message window mark it  ‘Furry Jingle Balls Foto Booth Challenge’ and add your pet’s name to your message (so we can contact you if you are a winner!)

  2. Upload your photo to Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #kevsjinglepets

DONE! Couldn’t be easier!

Prize: Minky’s Tweed Festive Christmas Hamper

The winner will be sent a fabulous Minky’s Tweed Festive Christmas Hamper, plus receive a big satin winner’s rosette in the post. The runner up will receive a winning rosette. We promise we won’t share your contact details with anyone else. The deadline for all photo entries is Monday, 5th Jan.

Enter the Competition!

Win a Minkys Tweed Festive Hamper, just upload a photo to Facebook or twitter and donate £1

Win a Minkys Tweed Festive Hamper, just upload a photo to Facebook or twitter and donate £1

‘Ho ho ho!’

Kevin the WhippetIts Kevvie Claws here an I is gettin into da Chwistmas spiwit!

As we is gettin close to da festive hols I is askin for ur furriest, sparkliest, merriest, jingliest foto entries for me Furry Jingle Balls Foto Booth Challenge’. I knows dat at dis time of year der is a mega load of Cwistmas competishuns out der – but not many wiv a fwee hamper pwize fwom Santa! I means Minkys Tweed! Have a peak at it, just imagine ur gud self loungin about in ur gawgus new tweed outfit, scoffing treats like dey is goin out of fashun. AN a pink satin wosette for u, as well as one for da runner-up. So come on, wot is u waitin for, get dwessed up an enter into da festive spiwit!

To enter me ‘Furry Jingle Balls Foto Booth Challenge’ – just get ur hoomin to upload ur Cwistmas costume pics as a Kev’s Furry Jingle Balls Pet on da Sighthound Facebook Page or on Twitter usin #kevsjinglepets an den go to me Justgivin page link above to donate an entwy fee of just £1. If u has any pwobs (cos hoomins isn’t dat bwight, just look at da mess me dad gets himself into!) den I be happy to help u out wiv it. Evfury single penny means so much to me an to da Stroke Association an dis will be a brill end to an amazin year for me fundrasin.

Despite me putting up me 4 paws for a bit over da holidays (dad says if he sees mum tweetin he gonna confiscate her ipad – like to see him twy BOL) I will be judgin the entwies for the title of Kevin’s Furry Jingle Balls Pet Winner and da supweme winner will be sent der pwize quick as a flash.

U can dwess up as anyfin u likes, includin home made and bought outfits, hats and gweenery. Reindeers is also vewy welcome (I is parshal to a bit of reindeer poo BOL).

Anyfin goes as long as it’s safe and comfy to be dwessed up in an u is happy wiv it.

We will be stickin’ up da best ones in Sighthound online magazine, out at da beginnin of Feb.

To enter, u can be a hound of any bweed, or any pet weally, we is even open to er, even snow bunnies. As long as u is happy an comfy to be dwessed up we is happy to show ur costume off. We’d luv to see u wearin your wosettes so don’t fawget to send us a pic of ur posin wiv it if u is a winner.

So, see if ya can out-Santa me outfit, we be wevealin it over Cwimbo, an outdo me – if ya dare! May da best Furry Jingle Balls Pet win! Don’t eat too many yummy Chwistmas left ovfurs tho or ur outfit mite not fit BOL.

I will be wevealin me luffly Christmas outfit on Xmas Eve so keep your Rudolph-red nose pwimed and sniff me out on twitter or Facebook.

Peace, Joy an loads of Chwistmas yummies,

luv Kevvie Claws

(AKA @kevinthewhippet) xxx

‘Ho ho ho ho!’