Kevin the Whippet’s Spooky Foto Booth Challenge

Kevin the Whippet Halloween photo competition

Kevin the Whippet has come over all spooky for Halloween and challenges your hoomin to dress you up to scare the scaredy-pants off ’em

Kevin’s new Spooky Foto Booth Challenge with #kevspookypets

How to enter:

Click on Kevins Justgiving link here.

In the Justgiving Donation window please enter the sum of £1, the money goes to the Stroke Association which is very close to Kevin’s heart. In the message window mark it  ‘Spooky Pet Foto Booth Challenge’.

Add your email address and your pet’s name to your message so we can contact you if you are a winner.

Then just upload your photo with your pets name on facebook or on twitter using the hashtag #kevspookypets.

Winners will be sent a digital photo prize by email, plus receive a big satin winner’s rosette in the post. We promise we wont share your contact details with anyone else.



Just gettin in da mood evfurybody.

Kevin the Whippet here, an as we is getting close to da spookiest day of da year I is askin for ur scariest foto entries for da ‘Houndy Halloween / 5th Nov Monster Mashup’. Obviously at dis time of year der is a lotta dwessin-up competishuns out der – but wiv da gawgus new pink satin wosettes on da agenda you will – luk into me eyes – bend to me will an enter.

I dare u to enter me new ‘Spooky Foto Booth Challenge’ – just get ur hoomin to upload ur scawyest pics as a Kev’s Spooky Pet on Sighthound Facebook Page or on Twitter usin #kevspookypets and den go to me Justgivin page link below to donate an entwy fee of just £1.

I will be judgin the entwies for the title of Kevin’s Spooky Pet Winner and da supweme winner will be sent a coveted digital pic sportin a bwill Winners Wosette in a luxe Spooky Foto Booth style.

U can dwess up as anyfin u likes, includin fings like:

Werehound / Devilhound / Black Angel Deathsheadhound / Winged Luciferhound / Vampirehound / CuteZombiehound / Dead Marilynhound / Mexican DayoftheDeadhound / Witchyhound / Twilighthound / Gandalfhound / Frankenhound / TrueBloodhound / HoundofdaBaskervilles – Arrgghhhh, I is scawin meself BOL.

Or u cud do Guy Fawkes dwess-ups insted/ paper mache Tweason-and-Plot outfits – anyfin goes as long as it’s safe and comfy to be dwessed up in.

We will be stickin’ up da best ones in Sighthound online magazine, out at da end of November.

To enter, u can be a hound of any bweed, we is even open to er, cats an er…wabbits. As long as dey is happy an comfy to be dwessed up we is happy to show dem off. Plus, as supweme winner we will post u a lovely big colourful Kev’s Spooky Pet Winner Rosette to show off to all ya gwey-with-envy monster mates. We’d luv to see u wearin it so send us a pic of da wesultin spookyin’ about.

So, see if ya can outspook me wiv a better Houndy Halloween / Nov 5th Mash Up outfit dan mine an outdo me – I will be gettin all da sheets out for dis one I can tell u.

I will be wevealin me blood curdlin’ outfit on Halloween 31st Oct – its a Fwiday, so keep a Mad Eye Moody out on twitter or Facebook.

See u on da other side, an may da best Spooky Pet win!

Luv and fangs a lot, Kevin xxx Bahahahahahahaha!!!!!!