Victoria Kingston joins Sighthound ezine

Victoria Kingston is a writer of great wit, wisdom and enthusiasm for hounds. She is the owner of 5 rescue greyhounds, and is a passionate supporter of sighthound charity causes.

She has had an interesting and varied career as a writer, journalist and broadcaster. Her book ‘Hounds At Home’ depicts thoughts and stories that come with adopting greyhounds and sharing one’s life with these amazing creatures. Victoria will be sharing some of her best thoughts with you for Sighthound ezine’s imminent launch.

She has a new book out entitled ‘Doggy Mixtures’ of which Wendy Craig says ‘If you love dogs, you will love this book. If you don’t love dogs, after reading this book you almost certainly will’.

Victoria supports many rescues and ‘Like Rudyard Kipling loves the sound of ‘4 feet trotting behind’ except at the moment it is more like 20!’ For more about Victoria, her life and work visit her website here

Victoria Kingston joins Sighthound ezine for its launch edition September 2014

Victoria is joining Sighthound ezine

Image by Liz Coleman: